Monthly Archives: November 2015

Happy birthday Grandad! RAK #8

Today was a RAK that we’d thought about since the beginning. Today marked what would have been Grandad’s birthday, after whom my son was named.  We decided to take some treats to the care home where he used to live before he died.

Grandad was the most generous of souls.  I think that he would have liked us carrying out these RAK in her name; she was his daughter.

I hope the people of Moorlands enjoyed the biscuits and that we brought a smile to their faces. They remembered him even after all this time, which was pretty special. IMG_2226

RAK #6


For RAK 6 I visited my local branch of Costa Coffee, a branch that I frequent almost weekly.  Today it was so that I could get on with some work in peace! Whilst there I deliberately positioned myself so that I could see the counter and, when there was a lull in the queue, I spoke to the barrista and gave him a £5 note and a LoveJoinMe business card and explained that I wanted to buy the next customer’s drink and he was to give the person the card.  Despite my position, when the exchange was happening I did not look up.  I’ve learned in doing these first few RAKs that it’s actually rather nerve-wracking! The customer was confused but pleased and I think the other barristas were even more confused given that the one I spoke to would not tell them who it was who had given them the money and business card.

Whoever you are, I hope you enjoyed your coffee!

Rak #7 Free Rice

I often work through lunch but decided that today, while eating my lunch I would look for a Random Act of Kindness I could do online.  I stumbled upon the website, which is a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food programme.  If you like doing quizzes on all sorts of topics, or if you’re a student who needs to revise something specific you can do so on this website AND give free rice to someone in desperate need of food.  For every question you get correct they donate 10 grains of rice and in just a few minutes of quizzing I have earned 1110 grains of rice for someone hungry! I plan on adding to this total whenever I have a few spare minutes or just need a breather from a piece of work.