Monthly Archives: March 2019

Coming Full Circle

Long before this blog and project was ever thought of I carried out some Random Acts of Kindness at work. I became the pigeonhole fairy. I left little cellophane bags in about 15 people’s pigeonholes with a mixture of chocolate, stationery and a little note of appreciation. I selected the people randomly. They weren’t my friends necessarily, they were people who had touched me in some way or had stepped in to help me (perhaps even unknowingly) when I had been through the worst period of my life.

I didn’t tell a soul, not even my husband! About 8 years later, one of the recipients talked about it in assembly and what a difference it had made to her at that time and she talked about RAK around school. I later confessed to her that it was me and that I was so pleased with its effect (I have a feeling I may have blogged about this somewhere?).

Things are a bit tough for us all at work at the moment. So, imagine my surprise when I went into work on Thursday and found this in my pigeonhole:

Not only did it greatly improve my lunch that day but it actually made me feel like I’m doing something right (something which I often doubt about myself in most aspects of my life, so my teaching isn’t exempt from that!).

I don’t think I am amazing by any long stretch, but it made me feel really positive about things when I’ve not really been feeling it for a little while. It took me back to that sneaky early morning in the staff room all those years ago when I was hoping no one would see me with my offerings!

I doubt the ‘culprit’ will see this, but if they do, thank you for making my day!