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Two RAKs in one day! #12 #13

Today I had to meet a friend at the train station and as littlest LoveJoinMe was taking a nap I planned my two RAKs.  I had thought of doing them a long time ago, right at the beginning of our RAK journey but had never had the time to plan them before a visit to the station.

The first RAK was £2 left on the ticket machine to go towards a train ticket, the second was £2 left on the vending machine for a drink or snack.

It was quite a challenge waiting for the upstairs foyer to be completely empty before sticking the envelopes to the screens as it was a busy lunch time but I managed to be very discreet and didn’t get seen!

Five minutes later, after meeting my friend, both envelopes were gone!

Whoever you are, I hope it brightened your day!




Helping William Ride!


When I was pregnant I found an online group of people who had had similar struggles and it was here that I first ‘met’ Will’s mummy.  William was due around the same time as my baby but he was born a whole four months before, weighing a tiny 1lb 3oz.  Will has had many struggles throughout his four years.  He spent the first 8 months of his life in hospital and was then rushed back in the day after he went home for the first time and it was anticipated that he would not make it.  It is of a complete contrast to our first days at home with our babies.  Despite many struggles and many touch and go moments, Will is here and now four years old.

And Will needs a bike! He needs a specially adapted bike that costs around £2000.  I was thinking of the possibility of getting my son a bike for his 4th birthday.  We’d never dream of having to spend such an amount and we’d probably get one second hand.  This can’t happen for Will. He needs this bike because of his severe epilepsy, hemiplegia, chronic lung disease, severe developmental delay and visual impairment.  This trike has parental controls and can be attached to his parents’ bikes and also supports him should he have a seizure.  Every little boy should be able to go for bike rides with friends and family and hopefully this will now happen for Will (they are nearly at the target after only a few days!).

I don’t know Will’s mum very well but she and her family are inspirational to many. Our donation isn’t a lot but I do so hope that it will help Will get his bike in time for the spring!  Happy riding William Ryder!

Support the cause: Help William get his bike


Blue Monday no more

It was all over social media this morning how today is Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year apparently.

I started the day with a mission to make it not so! Firstly, I tweeted a national petrol station about the excellent service I’d received last night in the hope that the message  gets passed on. Secondly, I took part in a Pay It Forward scheme at a local food outlet and bought soup and bread for a homeless person.

I hope these two acts brighten someone else’s day!


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New Beginnings update!

The flowers were delivered anonymously and I spent some time with our Auntie today. I pretended not to be listening when she and our cousin were discussing the origins of the flowers. Safe to say though, they did not have the slightest idea who had sent them. I’m so pleased they were well received and being enjoyed by her.

New Beginnings

imageHappy New Year from Love Join Me!

As always the start of a new year is a time of reflection and hope for the year to come. With this is mind we ordered a bouquet of flowers called “Beginnings” to be sent to our Auntie. Towards the end of last year she faced some health problems and so we decided to mark the start of the new year as hopefully a new beginning for her: a healthier, happier year.

As 2016 starts Love Join Me has completed 10 RAKs. The aim for this year is to increase that massively! Watch this space!

Here’s wishing 2016 is full of happiness, good health and kindness for all.