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#40 Rosie the Dulux dog

She (not Rosie the Dulux dog!) used to work in a primary school and among other things was the school first aider, the go-to person for the unwell. It was a role that suited her well being the kind and caring person that she was. I remember spending a day at her school and watching her at work. I, of course, always knew she was special but I remember watching her comfort a small child who felt sick, a young girl about 5 years old who probably just wanted her mummy. She cuddled her and talked to her; she was like she was with us. I was ten years old and I remember feeling a new emotion: pride!

So what does Rosie the Dulux dog have to do with it? And how does it link to RAK #40?

Well, one day around a similar time her colleague became unwell and was required to spend the night in hospital. Without hesitation she offered to pick up and care for the colleague’s dog overnight. It was only on approaching the house did she worry – what if the dog was a Rottweiler? On opening the door she met Rosie, an old English sheepdog. She packed her into the car and drove to pick us up from the childminder. When LJM1 and I saw her with a dog we were slightly disappointed we couldn’t keep her forever! She was a lovely dog and we really enjoyed her overnight stay with us.

This story is what I thought about as I wandered to the park laden with a box of tennis balls for dogs carefully balanced on my double buggy. She would have laughed if she saw the box tip off and me chasing tennis balls down the road!

There weren’t many dogs around but I know it’s a popular area for dog walkers so hopefully they’ll see the box and take a ball! I moved the box 3 times before I found the best location. For once I didn’t care who saw what I was doing, although they probably thought some crazy woman was leaving a box of nappies out in the rain!