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Morning coffee #4

My first attempt at this RAK failed miserably a week or so ago as I attempted to pay for the driver’s order behind me at the McDonald’s Drive Thru. The driver had already stated when ordering that he was using a voucher, which meant I couldn’t pay. Anyway, I attempted it again last Friday and it was a success. At first, the server presumed I was paying for the car behind me because I knew the person so I had to explain that it was a random act and the person didn’t know and would she please hand over our business card instead of asking for payment.  The queue was quite long to collect orders and I was surprisingly nervous as I waited for my hot chocolate – I didn’t dare look in the rear view mirror and spent most of the time waiting looking down at my phone texting the other half of LoveJoinMe all about it.

Once I collected my drink and drove away I felt happy and relaxed that I’d managed to do it – being kind is difficult sometimes but not for reasons you expect!

I plan on more RAKs like these… and maybe one day I’ll also be able to smile in the rear view mirror!

Number three is for Syria

The blog post is a little late in coming due to LoveJoinMe being busy! This one is for Syria.  I’m sure a lot of you struggle to look at the news pictures and not feel moved at the moment.   The picture that seemed to change things for a lot of people was the picture of the little boy washed up on the Turkish beach.  One of LoveJoinMe has been to that beach, the other has a three year old who looks remarkably similar to the little Aylan Kurdi.  The image sat with me for a long time and so we decided to make a donation to Save The Children in the hope that it may help in some small way. Save the Children were running the hashtag #itcouldhavebeenme and, looking at the picture of Aylan from one angle, it certainly could have been my son.


Something for the dogs!

Last weekend we started our second Random Act of Kindness by leaving a box of used tennis balls near a beach that is popular with dog walkers.  We were a bit nervous as we approached the spot as there were lots of people around. In fact, as we were walking away we had our first ‘customer’. What was surprisingly lovely was that when we went back an hour later to see how many were left, people were putting them back for others to use after they’d had fun with them.

20 used tennis balls ready for the dogs to enjoy
20 used tennis balls ready for the dogs to enjoy

We were thrilled to receive a tweet of a dog called Scooby Do having fun with a tennis ball!

Scooby Do

We are looking forward to completing RAK number 2 very soon (we have 40 more tennis balls to disperse!)