The Kindness of Strangers

Something that always makes me emotional is seeing the parting tide of traffic at the approach of an ambulance. In my view, it’s one of the true acts that show us how humans aren’t made of prejudice but rather prejudice is made of humans. No matter the race, sex, age, social status or sexual orientation of the person in the back of an ambulance, the cars part regardless. It shows us time and time again that humans, even strangers, are innately kind (we wrote about this here).

Over the years we have undoubtedly experienced the kindness of strangers ourselves too. But just this past week, kind people helped one of our own and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Our almost-89 year old Grandma Lillie had a nasty fall outside Boots in Guisborough. People came running to her aid and called the paramedics. Fortunately, my dad (her son-in-law), was also called and he came and, after she was checked over, he took her to the hospital himself.

Grandma has always been fit. She does so well for a near-nonagenarian!She has lived alone for at least 12 years, possibly longer, but she is thoroughly independent. She always pops to the shops, eats out, and when at home, knits for family and friends. She is always busy.

Her husband, our Grandad Peter, died 11 years ago this month and then she lost our mum, her only child, 9 and a half years ago. But she doesn’t ever dwell on what she has lost, she seems to embrace life.

My family and I are so grateful to the people who picked her up and took care of her. Things like this serve to remind us of the innate kindness in people. Fortunately, thanks to her Facebook post asking after our Grandma, we have been able to thank one of the people who helped her. So, thank you again Amanda, not only for picking up our grandma and looking after her, but for reminding us that there are so many kind people in the world.

Trying to take grandma’s first selfie a few years ago!

2 thoughts on “The Kindness of Strangers

  1. What you don’t know is that amanda was out with her own grandma shopping aged 90,and she made sure that she was ok ,as well as your grandma ,she is a tresure in our family and very well valued xx

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