“I’m not racist but…”

“I’m not racist but…”.

Sorry, BUT you’re racist. Actually, scrap the ‘sorry’, you’re racist.

I heard something today. A young adult telling me that they didn’t want to go to a certain place because it was full of ****s. Whispered. Under their breath. But the p-word nonetheless. (By the way, it doesn’t make it any less racist if you whisper it).

It doesn’t make you “not racist but”. You’re racist. Just admit it.

You don’t want to go to that place in town because you’re scared you’re going to get blown up. Because it’s always full of them.

Get it right, please. You don’t want to go to that place because you’re ignorant. You don’t want to go to that place because you’re uneducated. You don’t want to go to that place because you’ve read things online or in hateful tabloids or the Daily Fail. Because you’re racist, xenophobic and prejudiced.

You said that there was ‘one of them’ with a knife in town the other day, that there were armed police. That you’re afraid of going to town because of it. I also saw a Gazette article earlier and I’m pretty sure the alleged offender was white in the photo, despite the comments that followed which said to expect an update with an Asian name.

GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT PEOPLE. Statistics prove that you’re more likely to die from food poisoning (maybe even from your own cooking!) than in a terror attack. You’re more likely to die falling from a ladder. You are even more likely to die from falling down your stairs at home or from a traffic accident. You’re also more likely to die getting out of bed.

Does that higher risk stop you from eating/travelling in a car/doing DIY/going downstairs/buying a 2-storey home/getting out of bed? By your logic, you should stay in bed all the time instead of risking your life. Sure, a terrorist attack is arguably a more shocking way to go. But the risk is tiny. In the last ten years the risk of dying in a terror attack in the UK is something like 1:11.4 million. That risk is going down too. In the late 80s it was much higher.

If you’re so worried about dying, stop doing risky stuff. Stop binge drinking until you puke every weekend. Stop smoking. Stop eating too much. Stop getting out of bed. But don’t stop going into town because you might get blown up. And absolutely don’t use those words in front of me unless you want to add another risk to your life* (I’m not violent but…).

*tongue in cheek. I don’t advocate violence in real life!

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