Monthly Archives: March 2016

The RAK list

  1.  Cakes for the staff at the Trinity Holisitc Centre
  2.  Free balls for dogs on the beach
  3.  Donation to Save The Children
  4.  Morning coffee for a drive-thru customer
  5.  Cake Sale for Syria
  6.  Costa for a stranger
  7.  Free rice for someone hungry
  8.  Biscuits for the nursing home
  9.  Email for an old friend
  10.  Flowers for someone who has been having a hard time
  11.  Soup and bread for a homeless person
  12.  Money left for a train ticket
  13.  Money left in a vending machine
  14.  Helping a little boy get his bike
  15.  Donating and Remebering for World Cancer Day
  16.  Wearing Red and donating to the British Heart Foundation
  17.  An issue of the Big Issue
  18.  Work Pigeon Hole gifts
  19.  Surprise coffee for neighbours
  20.  Breast Feeding video for new mums
  21. Crochet squares for a blanket
  22.  Toys sent to the Children’s Day Unit at the hospital
  23.  The Bells leaving Easter Eggs for students in France
  24. From LJM2 to LJM1 – a not so random act
  25. Blurt BuddyBox
  26. IVF goody bag
  27. Signing up to be an organ donor
  28. Cream cake for Big Issue Seller
  29. Bringing the outside in
  30. Bouncy Balls in the park
  31. Post cards to random addresses
  32. Hand cream sent to a long-lost friend
  33. Bus fare for a stranger
  34. JungleJog donation for Huntington’s Disease
  35. Lucky Pennies in the park
  36. Forget-me-not seeds
  37. Supermarket gift
  38. Money raised for the British Heart Foundation’s My Marathon
  39.  Dear Richard, Liverpool
  40. Rosie the Dulux dog
  41. All the way to Oz
  42. Take what you need
  43. Close to you – donating blood
  44.  It could be you! Lotto tickets
  45.  Food for thought (Foodbank)
  46.  Race for Life Marshalling
  47. A little treat (box)
  48. An honourable person
  49. Book Rescue
  50. Kindness Rocks!
  51. Marie Curie baby clothes
  52. Seeking Refuge
  53. Flowers for old friends
  54. Flowers for Strangers
  55. Woolly Sheep
  56. Water painting for dementia sufferers
  57. Milk
  58. Coffee ripple
  59. Fabric for a refugee peace blanket
  60. Donation of 16 inches of hair to the Little Princess Trust


We’re warming up for another RAK!

Yesterday we signed up for The British Heart Foundation’s My Marathon, where you complete the 26.2 miles throughout the month of May, however you wish. Lovejoineme1 will be aiming to run the distance, Lovejoinme2 will be walking due to very recent childbirth! 

We have set up a sponsorship page and have started to advertise it to our family and friends. The British Heart foundation is a charity close to our hearts given that we both know babies affected by Congenital Heart Disease (one of whom sadly died – see RAK #16).

We’ll keep you posted with our progress and number this RAK appropriately once it’s completed. 



23 was the work of the Bells

It was Easter Sunday in France and, as per the tale goes for the French children, Les cloches sont passées! 

There’s no Easter bunny in France. The church bells cease to ring at midnight on Maundy Thursday as they grow wings and fly to the Vatican to be blessed by the Pope. On their way back early Easter Sunday morning, they drop off chocolate eggs for the children.  

So it was no different on my school trip. I made sure the bells passed through our château! 


#RAK 22: Giving something back 

Coming up with the idea for this RAK was easy. Mini Lovejoinme#1 had a hospital appointment at a children’s day unit and while he was there the nurses were fantastic, as always. In order to encourage mini ljm#1 to complete his tests they gave him some little gifts. It was then that this RAK came about; to give some little gifts back to the unit. Mini ljm#1 loved putting all the gifts into the envelope and taking it to the post office.




A little crochet for 21

   I took up crochet as a hobby not that long ago, inspired by a few friends who were hooking. Since then I’ve managed to make a couple of things but I’m a notoriously slow crocheter. Last year we all made squares for a blanket for a poorly member of our group and we are making another at the moment. It’s taken me a long time to get organised and find the right colour wool but this week I finally did it. So, RAK 21 is a small gesture of a couple of squares I posted today to join the blanket. I will be attempting to make some more soon if I’m in time! I’m sure the recipient will love the blanket – so much thought and love is going into it.

RAK #17

Random Act of Kindness number 17 was inspired by my pottering around my town. I always pass two big issue sellers. One is always outside my local Greggs. My plan was to buy a cake and give it to her, along with buying a big issue. However, she wasn’t there! I did find her when I was on my way back the car and so I bought a Big Issue then. It’s not something I buy normally but on this day I made an exception. Next time I’ll be sure to buy her the cake too!