RAK #6


For RAK 6 I visited my local branch of Costa Coffee, a branch that I frequent almost weekly.  Today it was so that I could get on with some work in peace! Whilst there I deliberately positioned myself so that I could see the counter and, when there was a lull in the queue, I spoke to the barrista and gave him a £5 note and a LoveJoinMe business card and explained that I wanted to buy the next customer’s drink and he was to give the person the card.  Despite my position, when the exchange was happening I did not look up.  I’ve learned in doing these first few RAKs that it’s actually rather nerve-wracking! The customer was confused but pleased and I think the other barristas were even more confused given that the one I spoke to would not tell them who it was who had given them the money and business card.

Whoever you are, I hope you enjoyed your coffee!

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