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Two RAKs in one day! #12 #13

Today I had to meet a friend at the train station and as littlest LoveJoinMe was taking a nap I planned my two RAKs.  I had thought of doing them a long time ago, right at the beginning of our RAK journey but had never had the time to plan them before a visit to the station.

The first RAK was £2 left on the ticket machine to go towards a train ticket, the second was £2 left on the vending machine for a drink or snack.

It was quite a challenge waiting for the upstairs foyer to be completely empty before sticking the envelopes to the screens as it was a busy lunch time but I managed to be very discreet and didn’t get seen!

Five minutes later, after meeting my friend, both envelopes were gone!

Whoever you are, I hope it brightened your day!