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It could be you! 

It’s a Saturday (and a sunny one for a change!) and LJM 1&2 are together. Saturdays when we were children often involved visiting our grandparents and having tea with them. We’d watch Saturday night TV such as Gladiators (we were scared of Wolf), the Generation Game (we tried to remember all the items on the conveyer belt) and Big Break (“Snookering you, snookering you tonight!”). In 1994, I think it was November, the National Lottery appeared. I remember we chose our numbers excitedly  (numbers which were used by our parents for  years thereafter) and waited for the draw. “It could be you!” they said. It never was! Though we often talked of all our plans for what we’d do if we won. Her plans were mostly thinking of others, rather than herself: buying grandad a new car, for example. 

But tonight it could be five other families. Tonight five families may watch the Lotto draw, excitedly hoping they’ve beaten the 14 million to one odds, or maybe humbly hoping for a tenner! 

We went to the supermarket this lunch time and bought five lottery tickets and handed them out to five shoppers leaving the store. We hope you win! And if not, that a little excitement has been brought into your day.