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Deep Thought, it’s #42 of courseĀ 

Any Douglas Adams fans will know that the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and everything is 42. For RAK #42 I wanted to give people answers to their problems like Deep Thought did in A Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, albeit figuratively.

I decided to have a bit of fun and make a poster like the ones advertising spare rooms you see around a university campus with tags you can rip off. On the tags I wrote different things that I thought people in my chosen poster-pinning place might want or need… that being the baby change at soft play. Of course, it’s just a bit of fun but I hope it makes people think and reflect about what they and others around them need or want. If I’m honest, I could do with everything on that poster in my life right now and I’m sure many of our readers will feel the same!

This RAK was so easy and cost nothing. There are many RAKs that cost nothing and I hope this inspires someone out there to carry out a RAK of some kind!