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RAK #9 Old friends

Today I emailed someone who I was once close to. I have no idea what happened to the friendship but perhaps time, distance and other people might have got in the way.  I emailed anonymously, not to be cryptic, but simply to keep the anonymity of Love Join Me in tact.

It was a message of best wishes for the festive season – the perfect time of year for reflection, forgetting grudges, building bridges… Perhaps you could spread the love and contact someone you’ve lost touch with?

Merry Christmas!

Love Join Me





Love Join Me

When you lose someone you love you spend time thinking about who they were as a person: thoughtful, kind, selfless perhaps.  That’s what she was.  Love Join Me continues with that modus operandi: to pass on kindness and love to others. Like the light of a star shines bright for millennia after its death, kindness can persist through the selfless acts that we undertake in memory of her.

Love Join Me is born.  The timing is significant, as will be revealed in due course.  Perhaps you have found this blog because you have been on the receiving end of one of our Random Acts of Kindness.  If so, please tweet us @lovejoinme60 or comment if you see your RAK in a post here.  But, most importantly, pass on the kindness (and the hashtag! #lovejoinme #ljm)

Love! Join Me.