If I could turn back time


If I could find a way..

The 1989 Cher song. She had it on an album somewhere and the song reminds me of my early childhood years (perhaps how my children may be reminded of their early childhood through our ritual ‘Friday’ kitchen dance to Coldplay’s Sky Full of Stars).  I thought of the Cher song after having finished reading the latest Harry Potter book, in which Time Tuners are a prominent feature. Would I turn back time and change things if I could? But what effect might that have on my current world? Me trying to get her to get the breast lump re-checked earlier, or insisting she had chemo the first time: would it have changed things? 

My thoughts reminded me of the film About Time (2013 with Bill Nighy) in which a man’s time travelling has massive implications on the future despite his relatively small interferences in the past. The men in the family all have the ability to time travel. His father is dying of terminal cancer but cannot go back to change it but he does have advice for his son: to live each day twice, the second time appreciating the day in a different way to the first. However, when his third child is born, he is no longer able to go into the past as it would mean his third child would not be the same child when he returns. As such, he decides that he should live each day forward as if it were the second time; the time for appreciating the beauty and subtle things that are missed the first time, the rushed time as we go from day to day. Perhaps that’s what we should all do? Seize the day, live for the moment. I am sure that she would want us to. She wouldn’t want us to time travel even if it were possible. But, how nice it would be to see her just one more time!


2 thoughts on “If I could turn back time

  1. I am so so sorry! I lost my dad to cancet a year ago, and I question a lot of things too. Please know that you did absolutely the best, you loved her and held her in respect and compasssion. Its totally normal to think “oh maybe this”. But your love, and her love, lasts forever, please try not to beat yourself up. I would’ve traded places with my dad in a heartbeat, anything to bring him back, so I completely understand where you’re at. It’s ok.


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