Anonymity and technology

When this project began I was so worried about people discovering our identity that I created a Facebook account in the name of Love Join-Me so that I could make a page. I didn’t realise that I could make one and no one would know who made it or who was admin! Well, because it was a fake account & I clearly don’t have photographic ID in the name of Love Join-Me, I have now been banned and so the page is no longer running (even though it may be visible – I can’t delete it)!

We have created a new page here – I wish I’d known all along that it wouldn’t have my name attached to it because it’s much easier to manage when you don’t have to log into a different account!

So here’s a plea, please like and share our new page. At the moment we have 0 likes and zero ways of reaching our likers from before!

Also, we welcome posts with the hashtag #lovejoinme whenever you commit a Random Act of Kindness.

Thank you,

Love Join Me

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