Bus Fare for #33

Today I was wandering around town in the glorious sunshine thinking about my next RAK and what it could be – I’d just bought a new notebook and wanted to create a list so I wouldn’t forget any good ideas that I’d had.

One hundred metres or so down the road a middle-aged woman approached me with a smile. She said she was very embarrassed but that she had lost her house keys and needed some extra money for bus fare to go and get the spare set from her mother’s house as it was further away. I asked how much she needed and she said about £2. I gave her the money and she was really grateful and told me how she’d asked an older man but he swore at her and was horrible to her.

A year ago I probably would have said I couldn’t help her (I wouldn’t have been rude though) but since beginning my RAK journey I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I have begun to notice many more people in need than I have in the past; I think about people’s life stories and where they’ve come from. I hope that the £2 I gave her didn’t just get her where she needed to go, but that it restored some of her faith in humanity in this ever cynical world.


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