31 post is fun!

  Inspired by something online, RAK 31 consists of five postcards written to 5 addresses.

Too often these days, correspondance is virtual and our door mats are full of advertisements, credit card offers & bills. I’m hoping that receiving postcards will brighten someone else’s day! 

I only know the recipients at one of the addresses; all of the others are unknown to me! It was difficult to decide where to send them as I didn’t want to trawl the phonebook (which I don’t have a copy of anyway!) looking for random addresses. So what to do? 

I’ve moved around quite a bit in my life – during childhood, at university and as an adult – and I still know some addresses and postcodes so I sent some postcards to my previous addresses then I trawled through the phone book on my mobile for a final address. Although I do know this person I don’t think they’ll guess who I am as we’ve lost touch over the years. 

Now, I just need to find a post box and get them on their way! 



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