A bag of goodies RAK #26

Five years ago I was going through one of the hardest times of my life: an IVF cycle, which fortunately resulted in the perfect boy sleeping next to me (it’s 6pm, such an inappropriate nap time; I’m dreading bed time already!).

IVF was hard. Really hard. More so because you keep it quiet from most of the world. I could have felt alone, but I didn’t because I had found online friends and support groups, people who ‘got’ it. My family were great too, but I think that it is so important having people who truly understand what you’re going through as they’re going through the same thing or have been through it.

So when I chanced upon an old friend from school on Facebook and started chatting and found that she was going through what I experienced 5 years ago, I offered my support. She’s currently at a crucial time in her IVF journey and so I thought a little care package would be nice (when I was going through it, an online friend sent me a care package and it was one of the most thoughtful and unexpected gifts I’ve ever received).

I have left the bag of goodies on her door handle. I’m slightly concerned that a) she won’t see it or find it for ages b) she’ll open the door handle from inside and the bag will fall possibly breaking one of the gifts c) someone will take it! But I couldn’t ring the bell because I had nowhere to hide/run and I can’t run fast enough (eek for the running RAK!). So I just have to hope that none of these scenarios occur!

The bag is full of healthy and protein filled snacks that are perfect for nurturing a possible baby as well as some chocolate (because you can’t have a treats bag without chocolate!), a relaxing candle, a well-being drink called “little miracles”and a card. I decided to make it anonymous although it’s completely obvious it’s from me. I also put in a lovejoinme business card. I think she will be the first person who will know of one of our identities. We’re hoping to keep most RAKs anonymous or at least not mention it’s part of our project for as long as we can. All will be revealed in the summer for a very particular reason.


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