Blurt buddy box #25

Whilst I was pregnant with my first child I joined a Facebook group of women who were all due babies in the same month (I’ve previously mentioned this here in RAK #16).  Recently, one mum in the group told everyone how she was feeling low and struggling with depression. It made me sad to read about it but I admired her strength to talk openly with others. I really admire this lady; she has always given fantastic advice about breastfeeding, babies with allergies, cloth nappies and lots of other things! I’ve always thought of her as a wise person and her advice is always very welcome & I trust it. 

Although I’m not friends with her on Facebook I managed to find her husband & messaged him asking for their address so I could send her something as a surprise to cheer her up. 

There is a great website that LoveJoinMe1 found called who put together BuddyBoxes aimed at people with depression. They describe them as “a hug in a box”.  Because they only send them monthly, she won’t receive it until May but when she does, I really hope it makes a difference and that it helps in her recovery. 

2 thoughts on “Blurt buddy box #25

  1. Hi! I was just thinking about this. It’s been years and I still think about this. It made such a HUGE difference to me (still does) . I know it’s meant to be a RAK which it was at the time but I feel compelled to tell you again job st how much it meant. So thank you!

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