World Cancer Day

Cancer is everywhere. Sad but true. Every single person I know has been touched by it in some way, some more acutely than others. One day I hope that Cancer is just a sign of the Zodiac. But until then we’re looking for a cure. Things change so quickly. Maybe if she’d been diagnosed today, some 13 years later, she’d have survived.


This RAK number 15 is not just for her; it’s for all cancer sufferers; for those who suffer because of cancer. Because the suffering does not end with a cure. The suffering does not end with a death. It lingers for all eternity leaving a cancer-shaped scar or a cancer-shaped hole in the sufferers and their families. No matter the time that passes, it doesn’t get easier. The one thing that I know will have upset her the most is knowing what her death would do to us. But it’s not her fault; it’s cancer’s.

We both donated to the cause today for World Cancer Day. Maybe one day there won’t be such a day. Here’s hoping.

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