Remembering Evan – RAK #16

A year ago today a little boy aged 14 weeks lost his life. I ‘met’ his mum virtually when we were pregnant and joined a Facebook group for babies due in November 2014 and have been  a part of her journey through her discovery of her son’s heart defect while pregnant to the present day. 

Despite being diagnosed with HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome), Evan was out of hospital just 11 days after open heart surgery.  He was a beautiful little boy with an adorable smile. Tragically, on 6th Feb 2015, Evan lost his life during a routine outpatients appointment. Only a day after the British Heart Foundation’s Wear it Red day. 
Evan’s mum has raised lots of money for the British Heart Foundation and another charity called Little Hearts Matter. 

This morning on waking next to my own little boy, my thoughts drifted to Evan and his family. I can’t comprehend the pain they must endure everyday without him.  So very grateful for the sleeping child next to me, I donated to the British Heart Foundation in Evan’s memory, then dressed both my son and myself in red. 


Please take a look at the wonderful things Little Hearts Matter and The British Heart Foundation do and, if you can spare some cash, please donate too. 

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