Morning coffee #4

My first attempt at this RAK failed miserably a week or so ago as I attempted to pay for the driver’s order behind me at the McDonald’s Drive Thru. The driver had already stated when ordering that he was using a voucher, which meant I couldn’t pay. Anyway, I attempted it again last Friday and it was a success. At first, the server presumed I was paying for the car behind me because I knew the person so I had to explain that it was a random act and the person didn’t know and would she please hand over our business card instead of asking for payment.  The queue was quite long to collect orders and I was surprisingly nervous as I waited for my hot chocolate – I didn’t dare look in the rear view mirror and spent most of the time waiting looking down at my phone texting the other half of LoveJoinMe all about it.

Once I collected my drink and drove away I felt happy and relaxed that I’d managed to do it – being kind is difficult sometimes but not for reasons you expect!

I plan on more RAKs like these… and maybe one day I’ll also be able to smile in the rear view mirror!

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